TOM HANCOCK - The Cornish Vintner

Initial discussion

I met up with Tom several times to discuss his current situation and his aspirations for the future with his new business venture - going it alone as wine expert The Cornish Vintner.


Tom had become disillusioned with his current circumstances. His job was leaving him unfulfilled and he was desperate to start his own business as a wine aficionado. He needed inspiration and guidance on how to turn this dream into a reality. I worked on a plan that would give him actionable goals and objectives that would help him achieve his goals. Alongside this I also crafted a bespoke identity and website that would help him stand out from his competitors.


I spent weeks exploring all the possible avenues that included wine, eventually settling on combining the 'T' of Tom with the visually distinctive shape of a corkscrew bottle opener.


This was crucial to Tom's success as he wanted to establish himself as an authority on wine through his writing, teaching and speaking engagements. Tom needed a slick and stylish site that was also optimised to work on smartphones and tablet devices. With this in mind I created a site that would give him this platform to showcase his skills, but was also flexible enough to incorporate his venture for 2016 - a monthly wine subscription service.


Tell me about the business problem that you were trying to solve or the business need you were trying to address before you hired Thad.

The Cornish Vintner was a start-up business and so therefore I required various levels of support. Initially it was a mixture of life coaching and confidence building to get myself to the level where I could feel comfortable taking the business in the right direction.

What impact did this problem have on your business?

The business could not have got off the ground without Thads’ support and encouraging words of wisdom. His enthusiasm and infectious optimism was just what the doctor ordered.

Tell us how Thad helped solve your problem and address your needs.

Business/life coaching sessions were employed, short/medium/long-term targets and timescales were initiated, design studio elements like branding and website design were incorporated, social media strategies were focused on and on going support and feedback regarding the business was achieved.

What benefits have you derived from Thad's services?

A greater confidence in social media management, an increase in productivity, a better understanding of a balanced work/play life cycle,

What has been the measurable impact of Thad's services?

Social media account activity has increased, my productivity has increased, quality time family has been increased due to more effective working lifestyle,

Please summarize your overall experience working with Thad.

Every time we finish a scheduled meeting my confidence, energy, positivity and optimism for what lays ahead are increased exponentially.

What advice would you offer anyone who may be considering Thad's services?

A great business coach with a terrific attitude to dealing with everything that life throws at you. My business could not have gotten off the ground without Thads’ assistance.