Rebranding Jarrang

Digital Marketing Agency Jarrang were wanting to freshen up their current look and I was approached by them to take part in a pitch for their re-brand. Here is a breakdown of my winning solution and my thinking behind it.


The problem?

For me, the previous branding of bright colours and generic stock photography, gave off a polished feel of professionalism that left me cold. Their site was full of corporate language and cliched images. Nothing felt sincere or genuine and it failed to conveys much personality or individualism.

They felt like any other digital agency.

What I soon realised upon meeting the team at Jarrang, was not only were they lovely people, but very very good at what they do. They really care about their clients, so it was crucial that I was able to convey a combination or expertise, authority and empathy through all of their Branding.


My Solution:

They had mentioned in their brief their love of craft, which is a really big trend and has been for a while. However I felt that the target market for those types of businesses such as artisan bread makers, brewers and coffeeshops, was different to Jarrang's current audience of mid to senior level executives.

Jarrang offer a more expensive service, that is linked directly to business growth and from which clients expect a significant return. It is a higher end service than a £5 bottle of craft beer or a freshly ground cup of coffee.

My concern was that trying to emulate a trendy look from another industry was risky as like any trend, it will go out of date, leaving them in need of an expensive refresh.

All of this was taken into consideration for the final solution, which looks to showcase their level of craftsmanship and experience, so that they will stand out within their industry.


Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 23.12.58.png

I wanted to convey the authenticity of craftsmanship, with the precision of data analysis. This meant using natural textures and materials alongside clean and angular typefaces that were refined and distinctive.

The key was to use subtle details and not go over the top with the textures. I wanted to stick with natural elements such as parchment, craft paper and wood. The edges of the logos were ever so slightly roughened to convey a human touch and when used against paper I would try and replicate the way that ink pools into that uneven paper surface.


Jarrang Case Study.011.jpeg

Primary Typeface: Noe Display

This is a transitional high contrast headline type family. It's sharp triangular serifs and terminals give the typeface strong and distinctive characteristics, yet the features are carefully balanced to keep the typeface functional in all uses.


Secondary Typeface: Brandon Printed

Based on the famous Brandon Grotesque typeface, it has an eroded, printed look with variations of every letter by using different styles. With several different styles like a shadowed version, an inline version and a double printed version you can create a lot of lovely combinations.


Text Typeface: LL Brown

An award winning refined, stylish and warm typeface designed by Aurèle Sack. It provides an excellent alternative to other more commonly used san- serif typefaces such as Helvetica, Gotham and Futura.

Distinctive and yet legible at small sizes, this typeface is well suited to both print and digital. It comes in 5 weights and has a total of 18 cuts to allow for tremendous flexibility in communication.

Jarrang Case Study.012.jpeg



I opted for a refined but natural colour selection. Dark greys and gold gave a classic yet muted feel, which were nicely complemented by the more rustic tones of navy, cream and worn leather.


For the photography it was important to capture character of the people who work at Jarrang. To give an insight to the company culture and atmosphere through observational shots that focus on individual details.

I also felt it was crucial to be authentic. To celebrate the office location and embrace that. Shots of life inside and outside of the office let people know that they all get on both at work, but also away from work.

Potential clients don’t want to see stock shots or Linked In profiles, they want to get to know more about the people they will be working with. Again, focusing on the importance of human relationships and the quirks that make Jarrang who they are.


Client Response

“Working with Thad on our re-brand was a real pleasure. All our of our team, from board level to entry level really enjoyed working with Thad and he was always on hand to answer questions and to provide support and guidance. He really understood what we wanted and his vision for our rebrand, depth of knowledge and expertise was outstanding.

I was impressed by how he was able to make the process very relaxed and enjoyable, but still retain a professional focus to make sure we never missed a deadline. He was always in complete control and that was very reassuring as it meant I didn’t have to worry about anything,

We’ve already seen an impact on the business and the client response has been fantastic. We are so proud of final outcome and thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for high quality branding expertise.
— Stafford Sumner - Managing Director